As a specialized public health institution, the hospital performs hospital health activity and specialist-consultative health activity at the secondary level in the field of psychiatry, for persons with mental disorders over 18 years of age.

The hospital health activity includes diagnostics, treatment and health care; treatment of alcohol abuse and addiction; medical rehabilitation through improvement and compensation of permanent injuries by applying specific methods (psychotherapy, sociotherapy, work therapy, occupational therapy and other types of therapy) and palliative care which due to the patient’s health condition or type of intervention cannot be performed or continue in specialist-consultative health care activity at the secondary level, i.e., at the primary level either in the patient’s home or in another institution.

The Psychiatric Hospital “Skopje” – Skopje, performs health care activity of emergency medical care by admission and care of urgent medical cases in the field of psychiatry; activity for prevention and treatment of abuse and addiction of alcohol, drugs and other psychoactive substances;

health treatment for protection and promotion of mental health for the purpose of rehabilitation and reintegration in the environment, as well as care and therapeutic activity within the hospital health activity, and specialist-consultative activity in hospital and home conditions, and provision of medicines for the patients treated in hospital.

Within its activity, it conducts specialist-consultative health care at the secondary level for the types of health activity for which it performs hospital health activity, it performs outpatient examinations with a referral from the selected doctor or other specialist doctor, health treatments performed at the secondary level and activity of daily hospital for patient treatment.

It provides admission, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, care in cooperation with the competent authority for execution of sanctions and accommodation of persons referred by a competent court or competent authority for execution of sanctions, as well as preparation of psychiatric expertise and issuance of expert findings and opinions from judicial-psychiatric point of view.

The data from the performance of the activity and within the performance of the activity can be used, in accordance with the regulations for protection of patients’ rights, for protection of personal data and records in the field of health care, as a source for statistical and research works aimed at preserving and promoting the health and health care of the individual, promotion of the activity, the quality of health care and the total knowledge in their field, which does not include conducting clinical or experimental research on persons with mental illness.

The Psychiatric Hospital “Skopje” participates in the education of staff in the field of psychiatry and other related branches of medicine and other related fields, in accordance with the needs of the Faculty of Medicine for the implementation of study programs and other educational institutions in the field of medicine, psychology and social work for the implementation of the curricula.

In the performance of the health activity and in the implementation of the educational activity, the persons selected in teaching-scientific and associate titles in a higher education institution perform higher education activity.